Due to the pandemic and the difficulty for our assembly and commissioning engineers to travel, Serra has introduced a Remote Service; giving access to his clients to a wide range of experts to assess, advise and help on any problem or challenge for your factory design / engineering or construction.

With many years of experience and proven expertise our in-house experts can help you optimize processes, build a new factory, or improve the efficiency of your salt plant.

We provide services from customer tests, maintenance, troubleshooting, optimization of processes and controls and commissioning remotely.

With that we pretend to be more helpful to our clients around the world increase access and stay connected to anyone that may need our solutions.

New Salt Plant Installed Remotely in South America

In the last quarter of 2020, Serra has installed a new salt refinery in South America remotely. The salt refinery plant has a capacity of 8tph, where a high quality of NaCl is obtained.

This salt plant is composed of a grinding mill for crushing the salt crystals; a complete fluid bed dryer for drying the salt and reduce the humidity, and finally, a sieve screen for classifying the products with a dry grinding mill for crushing again the big salt crystals and obtaining the desired product.

The plant relates to a PLC – MCC Panel, where you can control the whole plant. We usually install a big Siemens touch screen for an easy interaction between the operator and the plant. The program allows us to connect from our technical offices to help you with any issue (always with your permission); so we can assist the client remotely from anywhere in the globe.

We want to thank all the local engineers. Their willingness to cooperate and follow up through video conferencing and technical groups has made the whole start-up process much easier.