Serra Process proposes its Salt Ponds design and Engineering services, brine management and training
with great experience since 1980

We are experts in engineering and civil design for Salt Evaporation and Crystallization areas. With a first study of factors such as climate, land areas, water or brine quality and climate we propose a specific design to maximize yield.


SERRA has Deep experience in designing both Salt Ponds from the ground up and improving existing lands to maximize Salt production, increase the natural flows of evaporation and crystallization and maximize production.

Our expertise lies in the development of the whole project end-to-end by proposing a design and engineering to executing and supervising the construction of the Salt Works. We take into consideration all critical factors such as land areas, soil quality, climatology and biological aspects to adapt each design in order to have a highly efficient evaporation area.

Our experience includes Salt Works from 30 Hectares to 7,000 Hectares, with productions of 5,000 Ton / year up to 2 million Ton / year.

SERRA offers complete studies of areas of evaporation and crystallization of salt, productive calculations and construction drawings of the civil work necessary for the salt production:

  • Theorical and conceptual design
  • Site selection
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Salt field production model
  • Salt field optimization and efficiency
  • Bitterns management
  • Training for your staff
  • Investment analysis and assessment
  • Biological study

Serra Salt Machinery

We are engineering experts focused on delivering full turn key projects
according to personalized customer demands.