Salt Washing provides a process to eliminate waste and increase purity of the raw mineral at the start of the production process.


Serra has designed a unique washing system that is based in salt and brine countercurrent system in a custom designed screw. The washing process allows to identify soluble and insoluble impurities in raw salt using an advanced countercurrent brine system.

The washing and purification system designed by Serra is based in a mechanical principle of pure brine washing to increase purity of the salt crystals.

Centrifuga C850


After the Washing process the salt goes into a centrifuge system designed by Serra with the latest centrifuge technology in order to further wash and purify the crystals while reducing humidity of the product in the process.

SERRA centrifuges allow for precise liquid-solid separation process. A continuous separation process engineered to combine high availability with minimum maintenance.

Serra Salt Machinery

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