Salt Washing

SERRA offers Salt washing equipment in a salt and brine countercurrent screw system in a double helix and open axis. With a suspension and washing system of salt and brine. Capacities range from 1 tph to 200 tph


Purification of Salt

SERRA offers Washing and Purifying processes in where in base of the raw salt crystal quality the salt crystal mix with pure brine and are washed and centrifuged reaching purities of 99.85% NaCl dried



The vibrant or push centrifuge designed by SERRA are installed in the process in order to further wash and purify the salt crystals and reduce the salt humidity in the process.


Salt Crushers

SERRA designs and manufactures horizontal Salt crushers and attrition machines with vertical flow of product in the process and an adjustable crystal size system. The equipment is constricted in high-quality stainless steel and has different capacities depending on the client's needs.


Iodine Additive /Dispenser

Iodine, Fluor and Anti-caking additive or dispenser machines are also offered in the SERRA Process. They use a liquid solution technology that pulverize the additive into the salt in a linear process, thus guaranteeing a perfect distribution of additives in the salt crystals, meeting the food and grocery standards required in each country.


Salt Air-drying and Cooling 

The fluid bed air drying system (air-salt) SERRA offers, dries salt by high pressure, high temperature air in where salt enters in a linear process driven by pressurized fans in order to achieve dried salt. The system also has a cyclone that clean up combustion gases and salt dust to achieve a high purity product.

Salt is dried in highest food standards quality