Salt Washing

Serra designs its equipment to identify soluble and insoluble impurities in raw salt, using its advanced countercurrent brine washing the final product increases quality significantly. The Washing and Purification system designed by Serra is based in a mechanical principle of pure brine washing, thus washing the salt crystals


Salt Refineries

SERRA offers the whole washing and refining plants and processes. Using washing, centrifuges, crystal crushing, air drying and salt screening processes SERRA plants are able to manufacture high-quality salt that meets the highest standards. The process does also include Iodine and/or Fluor additive equipments if needed. Capacities for SERRA plants range from 500kg/hour to 50 ton per hour.


Moving Plants

SERRA offers movable process lines to operate in low capacity, to 2 ton per hour capacity. The lines include the whole process installed either in a movable base or ina container.