Serra has designed, manufactured and commissioned another salt processing plant in Senegal of 20tph. The client already bought a 3tph Serra Salt Plant some years ago, and after some time of experience and market consolidation, decided to expand its production up to 20tph.


The plant is a complete washing and refining salt line, where the raw material come from local farmers around the country with a purity around 96%, and through the process we are able to upgrade the quality up to +99% NaCl.

The process is based on our 3-step washing system (pre-washer cells, screw washer and centrifuge), wet grinding mills, complete fluid bed dryer with scrubber (for cleaning the exhaust air), sieve screen for classifying the products by particle size and packaging in big-bags and 25kg bags.

All the salt is iodized with our linear system solution that pulverizes the additive in a uniform way. This is a key element for helping the elimination of iodine deficiency which is a health priority in many African countries.


We would like to thank all the people involved in the commissioning of the plant.


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