Salt Harvesting
and Washing

SERRA designs and manufactures Harvesting and Washing Line equipment for high capacity and superior NaCl quality. Reaching capacities of 200 Tph in a single process line.


Salt Washing and Refining

Salt Washing and refining Plants are especially designs considering the quality of the raw material. The process is especially designed to eliminate soluble and insoluble impurities mechanically, without using any additives.


Salt Plants

SERRA designs and manufactures the entire Salt Process, the equipment is produced with high quality stainless steel, adapts the line horizontally to the client's space.

From 500 kgs/hour to 50Tph, SERRA offers Washing and Refining Plants, including Iodizing and Packaging for end-use. Each SERRA Project is designed based client's concerns.


Packaging and Salt Compactors

SERRA offers Packaging and Campacting machines in different formats, from industrial use to consumer packaging.

Pellet/Tablet Compactor for Water Treatment and Salt Blocks for Animal Feedstock are also an option to add to your Salt Plant

Serra Salt Machinery

SERRA SALT MACHINERY was founded in 1952, specialized in design and manufacturing of Salt Equipment and Plants. With an intense focus on Research & Development, SERRA is a market leader in Salt Plants and Equipment.

SERRA has a strong and experienced team that ensures that every small item is designed and produced with attention to detail. Furthermore, the company owns a modern factory that ensure production meeting the highest standards in every process.

During the last 20 years, SERRA has supplied more than 160 Salt facilities in 50 different countries.